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Designed to meet the demands of the post pandemic workforce

Today’s workplace has changed beyond recognition, yet many HR departments operate the same way they did back in the 90’s

If you find yourself falling into the trap of “this is what we’ve always done”, then it likely your company will continue experiencing the “Great Resignation” and will continue to fail to connect to remote employees. While the need to communicate about benefits, retirement plans, company perks, etc. has not changed over the years, the tools and resources we have available to us have.

Employee Experience

The employee experience is fundamental to creating a successful business. A positive experience impacts how hard employees work and collaborate. Their experience determines how invested and productive they are as well as shows their overall dedication to improving the company bottomline.

Mental Fitness

It's time to change the narrative from mental health to Mental Fitness. Creating a work environment that recognizes and promotes the importance of positive mental wellbeing is one of the most important things you can do to improve your organization. But emailing PDFs to employees will fail to accomplish the goal. Creating a Mental Fitness plan requires a new approach to the way you deliver the message.

Stay Connected

In today’s work environment, we don’t physically see the majority of people we work with. The need for digital communications is a necessity, but requires more than just emails to make a connection. Our brains process images such as video, screen captures, graphic ques and animations 60,000 times faster than words. To make a connection to your employees, using visual communication is the guaranteed way to do so.

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